Concrete Repair PORTFOLIO

There are a variety of concrete issues that can occur. Please take a look at some of the issues we have dealt with over the years.
Foundation Crack Repair - Expansive Soil Problems in Arizona - Gaje Contracting

Warehouse Floor Crack Repair

Dustless Chamber

Concrete Slab Repairs

Epoxy Injection

Stem Wall Repair

External Footing To Support Leaning Wall

Mudjacking Slab Repairs

Mudjacking Lifted After

Stemwall Repairs

Precast Vault Repair

Concrete Slab Repairs

Raised Sloped Concrete

Concrete Crack Repairs

Rebar Stitch

Foundation Repairs

Stem Wall Rebar

Concrete Slab Repair

Stitch Cuts

Mudjacking Slab Repairs

Sunken Concrete Raised

Concrete Crack Repairs

Warehouse Crack Repair

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